Saturday, December 10, 2016

Alberto Giacometti

Portrait of Alberto Giacometti
Jan Hladík (Czech printmaker) 2002
The final class of 2017!

We are working in one of my favorite mediums this month - needle felted wool!

Ready to study something a bit more modern?  Surrealist Alberto Giacometti utilized the changing interests of the people who lived before and after the 2nd World War as a launching point for his ideas about sculpture.

Alberto Giacometti

Please take a few moments to study this month's artwork, and consider how it makes you feel.
Walking Man I,
Bronze sculpture
Alberto & Annette Giacometti Foundation, Paris
This month student will be making their own felted sculpture.  The completed works will be sent home.  Kids can decide on their own whether to gift their work to a friend, or to keep it for themselves.

To complete this month's project you will need the following supplies:
    You may also want:

    I look forward to seeing everyone this Friday, December 16th at 6:30!