Friday, April 17, 2015

Grandma Anna Mary Robertson Moses

Grandma Moses is the subject of this month's Sketch Program. Time for some fun with old-time rural folk-art. This is a great project for kids who worry about perfection and getting their art "right" - our goal is to create simple, naive looking images!

You will need to bring the following items to class:
  • Tru Ray Acid Free Construction Paper - 12”x18” - 4 pieces of various colors 
  • Reeves Water Soluble Wax Pastels - (if necessary you can substitute regular crayons if you do not have water soluble crayons) 
  • Red ink pad - can be shared 
  • Grumbacher Filbert Brush synthetic, size 8- 1 per student (or if this brush has been too big for your students, just bring several cotton swabs) 
  • Wool roving - .1oz (basically, just bring any leftovers you have from our previous project) 
  • 1 glue stick or bottle of glue - can be shared 
  • 1 pair Scissors - need 1 per student 
  • 1 extra small container with lid - need 1 per student 
  • 1 everyday pencil
See you Friday at 6:30!

Vermeer Extension Activities

Vermeer was not a note-taker, so much of his life remains a mystery. We learn through public records that his grandfather was a convicted counterfeiter, his grandmother ran illegal lotteries, and he married a woman outside of his own faith. 
Vermeer's distinctive style makes his work easy to identify. Look closely and you will often see ladies, windows, tapestry table coverings, bowls of fruit, and pearls. Items of daily life. You might even notice that he uses the exact same item in more than one painting.


A fun way to learn about the time and art of Vermeer is through the historic fiction Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett. It is artistically accurate, suspenseful, and magical.