Sunday, June 2, 2013

Seurat Extension Activities

Looking for more Seurat information?  Try this:


Seurat and La Grande Jatte: Connecting the Dots


A Sunday on La Grande Jatte shows a large cross section of Parisian life in Seurat's time.  Can you find...

Steamers? sailing boats? a rowing boat?
People taking a walk? fishing? sitting?
Young girls? a nanny? an elderly grandmother?
a pug? a butterfly? a monkey?
two soldiers? a red haired child? a baby?


Great description of the science behind why pointillism works -


A Sunday Afternoon inspired coloring page

Michelangelo Extension Activities

Oh, Wow!  This is just so stunning that I have to share.

Remember our lesson on Michelangelo?  Well I just found an amazing virtual tour that allows you to "walk" around the Sistine Chapel using your keyboard's arrow keys.  Zoom into your favorite piece, and then back out again to get the full impact of the beautiful work.

Here is more detailed information about each of the frescos in case you want to read more, and there is also this great documentary of Michelangelo on the Biography Channel.

Isn't it beautiful?  I swear that many of the images look as if they are sculptures rather than flat paintings.  Michelangelo should be very proud of his accomplishment.