Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mid-Year Registration

I am excited to announce that New Hope Christian Fellowship has re-arranged their space and purchased more chairs.  That means that we are now able to accomodate more students!

SKETCH meets September through May
on the 3rd Friday of every month
6:30 - 8:00 PM
at New Hope Christian Fellowship,
292 Route 101, Bedford, NH 03110
Click for Directions

You can view the calendar of our upcoming classes at: http://sketchartprogram.blogspot.com/p/schedule-calendar.html

To join mid-year, just fill out the form below and send your $20 mid-year registration fee to:

SKETCH Children's Art Program
99 Liberty Hill Road
Bedford, NH 03110

As usual, registration is on a first come-first served basis.

SKETCH students are required to provide their own supplies.  Our entire supply list will not be necessary, however, if you are joining mid-year.  As of January 1, the required materials for the rest of the course include only:

Note: Please make sure that all supplies are clearly labeled with your family’s name.  Children work at large tables, and supplies often roll.  Collecting materials at the end of the day is much easier if they are marked.  Address labels work well for this purpose.  

I look forward to learning alongside you!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Paul Klee

We are going to be creating water soluable wax abstract images in the style of Paul Klee in class next week!

Paul Klee
"Paul Klee", 1911
Alexander Eliasberg
Please take some time to study this famous image by Paul Klee before class.  Take a look at the title and see if your child can tell you why the artist chose to describe it that way.
Twittering Machine
Paul Klee
Watercolor and ink
MoMA, New York

In preparation you will need the following items:
    • Several paper towels
    • everyday pencil with an eraser

Looking forward to seeing you at 6:30 on Friday, December 19th!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Audubon Lesson Extension Activities

The holidays are fast approaching so I decided to keep the lesson extension list short and sweet this month.  I hope you enjoy your time with your families!

  • Want to see Audubon's work?  Look at Birds of America online at Audubon.org
  • Read about Audubon in a beautifully illustrated children's book.  This is one of my very favorite books – The Boy Who Drew Birds
  • Learn how to draw birds and create your own nature journal at WildernessCollege.com

Saturday, November 15, 2014

John James Audubon

When you think of John James Audubon you probably think of a naturalist, but did you know that he was one of our country's first world renown artists?

John James Audubon
Portrait of John James Audubon
by John Syme
Oil on Canvas
White House Historical Collection, Washington DC

Please take some time to study the image below before class.  
Great Egret
John James Audubon
New York Historical Society

This month we are going to be learning how to create birds out of felt!  

In order to complete this project the following supplies will be needed:
  • Prang crayons, one 8 color set - need: 1 set per student
  • Wool roving, minimum: .5oz each of gray, black, white and yellow - need 1 set per student
  • 1 needle felting brush - need 1 per student
  • felting needles (approx. 36 gauge) - set contains 5, need 2 needles per student - Students age 6 and under are highly encouraged to use a needle guard
  • 1 pair Scissors - need 1 per student
  • everyday pencil with an eraser

You may also want:
    • gallon size zip bag to bring home your left-over roving

See you at 6:30 on Friday, November 21st!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Giotto Extension Activities

Giotto di Bondone’s fame grew throughout his life, attracting the attention and friendship of not only popes but also kings.  In 1334, three years before his death, the city of Florence appointed him chief of public works. He was in the middle of building the Campanile (‘Giotto’s Bell Tower’)  at the time of his death.  

He passed away wealthy, famous, and successful.




Now that you have your own acrylic paints, it is time to figure out all that they can do.  Spread out the newspaper sometime this week and try a few of the ideas at TinyRottenPeanuts.  Which technique is your favorite?


In Giotto's time it wasn't unusual for an artist paint all of their most famous work in churches.  Times have changed, but the fact that we find Giotto's frescoes only in places of worship. gives us something to consider today. In 1Cor. 10:31 we learn,
“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
What do you think that means?  What do Biblical scholars think?  

Did you miss this month's lesson?  Find the complete instructions for our project at LibertyHillHouse.com

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Giotto di Bondone

Portrait of Giottodetail of Five Masters of the Florentine Renaissance
Paulo Uccello
c. 1450, Tempera on wood
Musée du Louvre, Paris 

Isn't it amazing that we can still enjoy artwork from 700 years ago?  

Giotto Di Bondone (referred to as simply Giotto) was an architect, sculptor and painter in Florence.  His work was so influential that he is known as the first artistic genius of the Italian Renaissance.  

Giotto di Bondone

Please take some time to study the image below before class.  Ask your child to tell you what they think it is depicting before you share the title of the image.  Have them point out their favorite section of the painting, and discuss what you think is odd about the image.
Adoration of the Magi
Giotto di Bondone
fresco, 1305–06
Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy

This month we are going to be working with paint, so please make sure to dress accordingly!  

In order to complete this project the following supplies will be needed:
    • Acrylic Paint  - need a minimum of blue, white and black - can be shared
    • Grumbacher Filbert Brush synthetic, approx. size 8- 1 per student (if you don't have this particular brush, just bring what you have and I'm sure it will be just fine)
    • 8x10 canvas - need 1 per student
    • Prang crayons, one 8 color set - need: 1 set per student
    •  glue stick - can be shared
    • 1 extra small container with lid - need 1 per student
    • everyday pencil with an eraser
    • paint pallet (you don't need a fancy pallet.  A paper plate or piece of cardboard would do)

You may also want:
    • smock
    • Small package of baby wipes or paper towels

See you at 6:30 on Friday, October 17th!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Andy Warhol Extension Activities

What is the difference between art and an advertising? The subject matter?  The quality? The medium?  The buyer?  This debate surrounds the artwork of Andy Warhol.

Born in PA, Andrew Warhola was the first star of pop art.  Fantastic at marketing himself, he changed his name to Andy Warhol and became one of the greatest artistic businessmen. 

Warhol moved to NYC in 1949, where he got a BA in graphic design and worked as an illustrator for magazines for more than 10 years.   Despite his commercial training, Andy saw himself as a “pure” artist.

Not content to be just a great commercial artist, Warhol appropriated imagery from consumer culture and changed all of the boundaries that had existed between fine art and the more familiar imagery found in advertising. 

He invented blotted line technique, which he used to create whimsical illustrations. The process was tedious, and often included multiple apprentices.  First he drew an image on waterproof paper with a pencil.  Then it was traced with ink.  The paper was then flipped and pressed on absorbent paper.  The printed image was finally colored in using pastels.


Explore Online: 

  •  Queensland Art Gallery has a fun interactive site devoted to Andy Warhol' life.  Have fun learning what Andy was like as a boy!
  • The Warhol Museum has a fantastic gallery of online images.  You might be surprised to see how diverse his interests were.  Take a look.


  • Did you know that Andy Warhol collected cats?  He had over 25!  Try making your own version of his "Red Sam" with these instructions.
  • Make your own image into pop art using this online converter.  I already have the settings ready for you, just scroll down to step 3 and upload your photograph!  Don't worry about the mention of facebook, the image will not show up in your feed unless you approve it at the very end. 

  • Andy Warhol once said, “Art is what you can get away with.” - What do you think he meant?  Do you agree?

Join Us:

Remember to to put Sunday October 5th on your calendar.  We are going to all meet up to pick apples for a neighbor.  Join us at 3:30 at http://www.macksapples.com  in front of main stand.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Andy Warhol

Welcome to the 5th season of SKETCH!!!  I am thrilled to be able to share yet another year with you learning about amazing artists and their work.
***PARENTS*** This month's project is the only one of the year which will require a perishable item.  If you don't have an apple, please don't worry, we can use your child's hand in our printmaking activity, although it will be quite a bit more messy.


Each month I will be sending you an image to study prior to class. This will help your child to become familiar with the artist, and will give them time to really appreciate the different techniques that are used. These are low resolution, and can be printed for educational purposes only.  If you are looking for art to decorate your home, please purchase prints.  The artists and museums will appreciate your support.

Place the assigned image where your child will see it often. Personally, I like to hang prints beside the children's bathroom mirror where they can look at it while brushing their teeth. This may seem a bit irreverent, but really, where else will they have time to simply gaze at a picture several times every single day? Other options include sliding it inside the front cover of the child's favorite school binder, posting it on the refrigerator with magnets, or using it as the screen saver on your computer.

This month we are going to be looking at the work of:

Andy Warhol

A key figure in the Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol's prints take an interesting and almost reverent look at everyday objects, transforming them with unconventional coloration.
Andy Warhol, Cambell's Tomato Soup Can
screen print on colored paper
Collection Jose Mugrabi

We will be learning about print making as we create tags to add to bags of apples that we will pick and share with our neighbors.  


You do not need to bring every item on our supply list.  In order to complete this month's project each student will need to bring to class:

  •  Tru Ray Acid Free Construction Paper ***pre-cut: please ensure this is done before class (those participating in the bulk order will already have their pieces pre-cut)
    • for each student you will need the following - there should be a total of 5 colors:
      • 1 piece, any color 12x12"
      • 8 pieces, in 4 differing colors, 5.5x5.5" (ex. 2 white, 2 green, 2 yellow, and 2 purple)
  • Red ink pad - can be shared
  • Prang crayons, one 8 color set - need: 1 set per student
  •  glue stick can be shared
  • 1 pair Scissors - need 1 per student
  • 1 everyday pencil with an eraser
  • 1 apple, cut in half from top to bottom - ***please arrive with your apple pre-cut and wrapped
  • optional: small package of baby wipes or paper towels

Parents, please remember that this is not a drop-off group.  Come prepared to enjoy working alongside your child.

See you at 6:30 on Friday, September 19th!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bulk Order 2014

*The deadline to participate in this bulk order is 8/30/2014*

Hi friends, 
Where did summer go?  It is already time to begin looking at the class calendar and pulling together supplies for next year's SKETCH program.  

The bulk purchasing program is again being offered.  If you want to participate it is as simple as filling out your order form and getting it back to me along with your registration form, class fee and supply payment (one check is fine) by August 30th.  

Participation in the bulk order is not required.  In fact, many of you will have most of these supplies in your home from your previous years of participation.  The links below are for the convenience of those of you who would like to order on your own.  They also connect to an affiliate account, and anything you purchase will result in SKETCH receiving a portion of the proceeds.  Thank you for your support.

Just the Essentials: 

Many of this year's projects can be accomplished with the supplies purchased in previous years.  If you only need the new supplies, choose this short list.  For $35 you will receive:

When ordering, please specify whether you need any additional items from the Add-Ons section below.

Complete Kit: 

Everything you need to complete the projects in SKETCH will be waiting for you at the first class in one box.  For $57 you will receive:
When ordering, please specify whether you need any additional items from the Add-Ons section below.

Single Item Add-ons:

In order to receive discounted prices, we will only be able to offer individual items to those who have participated in the bulk purchase. If you need a single item please use the links to Amazon or shop at your local craft store.

Again, remember that the bulk purchase program ends on August 30th.  To ensure that your materials are ordered please include your registration form, class fee, supply order form, and supply payment in the envelope and send it to:

New Hope Christian Fellowship
Attention: SKETCH
292 Route 101, Bedford, NH 03110 

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Year End Artist Chat

A special thanks to Marge and Jo for sharing their time, artwork, and process with us!  We learned a lot from all of the time you willingly spent answering our (thousands upon thousands of) questions.

Jo Shields, jeweler and silversmith

 Marge Zino - gourd artist

Enjoy your summer everyone!  See you next year.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Rembrandt Inspired Seed Packets

The garden club was thrilled to receive your personalized seed packets.
Beautifully done kids!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rembrandt Lesson Extension Activities

self portrait 1658 with text
Self Portrait
Rembrandt van Rijn
Oil on Canvas
Frick Collection, NYC 
Ready to learn more about Rembrandt?  Here are a few activities, originally posted on LibertyHillHouse.com, to get you started:


Online Activities:

  • Want to see more of Rembrandt's work?  There is a fantastic listing of Biblical artwork by Rembrandt available at ArtBible.info  Take a look!  How many stories can you recognize?
  • See Rembrandt age through his own self portraits in this short video.


  • Color an image of Rembrandt (okay, so the cartoon version of Rembrandt) in his studio at Getting to Know.com.  Their videos are fantastic by the way, I highly suggest you take a look.85aafac8c0d52089801b4dada6d2caec.jpg


verse Sheryl e-signature       *Items marked with an asterisk are affiliate links.  I only list items that my family uses and enjoys, but you should be aware that, should you click through, I may receive a portion of any purchase that you make on the linked site.  There is no cost to you.

Friday, April 18, 2014


The week of Easter seems the perfect time to study the work of Rembrandt van Rijn.  His use of light to portray Biblical stories is awe inspiring.  

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn



In preparation for the coming class, please print the following image and place it in a location that you child will see often.  

The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen
Rembrandt van Rijn
1638, oil on canvas
Royal Collection, Buckingham Palace, London

We will be making seed envelopes.  In order to complete this project your child will need to bring the following items to class:

  • Prang crayons, minimum 8 color set - 1 per student
  • Scotch 3M clear glue stick - can be shared
  • pencil with an eraser (does not need to be an artist pencil) - 1 per student
  • several cotton swabs
  • several paper towels
See you on Friday, April 25th at 6:30!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miro Stickers for Emergency Vet Office

It is always sad when a pet gets hurt.  I'm sure that the children who have to spend time waiting at the emergency vetrinarian office will appreciate having your stickers to distract them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Joan Miro Extension Activities

Joan Miro's life and art really do seem to be in contrast to one another, don't they?

Online activities:




As we discussed in class, Miro’s Catholic faith was important to him, and drove him to be very concerned about the common people around him.  In his words he saw the role of the artist  “to be someone, who amidst the silence of others, uses his voice to say something and who has the obligation that this thing not be useless but something that is of service to mankind.”  

One of his favorite symbols to use in his work was the ladder.  It represented not a means of escape, but a means of reaching something greater.   Consider this in light of Isaiah 58:10 which says 
"If you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday."

So what does that mean?  In short, God promises to reward  those who offer help and compassion to the poor and needy around about them.  

To be clear, Christianity isn't all about behaving perfectly (anyone who says that is possible is a hypocrite).  We all sin, and that grieves our savior, but he has offered us forgiveness.  Our only obligation is to believe.  Out of that belief we then show mercy and love to others as an act of love for God.  We need to humbly serve those around us.  No pious belief can justify treating others poorly.  Instead, our faith should push us toward sincere good works motivated by right motives.   Out of that mercy and kindness God will provide us with comfort.