Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kandinsky Extension Activities

Wassily Kandinsky's abstract art was fun to explore together.  Take a look at the great Random Acts of Kindness cards that we made.  Aren't they wonderful?  It will be fun to hand them out next month.  Start thinking about some ways to use them!

Compared to many of the other famous artists we have studied, there aren't a whole lot of Kandinsky  resources available for kids.  If this subject has captured your child's interest here is where I would start:


Kandinsky 1866-1944 A Revolution in Painting by Hajo Duchting
Color Your Own Abstract Art Masterpieces a Dover Art coloring book
What's the Big Idea?: Activities and Adventures in Abstract Art by Joyce Raimondo

Explore the Web:

Making Art Fun has a few fun Kandinsky resources including a word-search and coloring page.  (Parents, there are advertisements on this page, and one in particular looked like a game when I last was there.  I would preview it before allowing the kids on this site.)


Want to see Kandinsky in action?  Check out this old silent movie from 1926.


Ready to make some more art?  Try using your oil pastels to write your name in an abstract style.  K-6 has some fun instructions.  Remember, pastels are not crayons.  Peel off the paper and use them sideways sometimes, and don't forget to blend the colors together!

You can also take a look at some of the other oil pastel ideas we have used over the years.

Have fun!