Friday, April 15, 2011

Monet Extension Activities

It is easy to get fully absorbed in the beautiful paintings by Monet. Thankfully, there are many online exhibits to lead you through his works. InterMonet will walk you through many collections. While you are at the site, don't miss Monet's brief autobiography; fascinating reading.

You may also want to look for Katie Meets the Impressionists by James Mayhew at your local library. This book beautifully draws children into the works of Monet and other impressionists through the fun tale of a little girl who quite literally climbs into the artists' work to gather flowers for her grandmother.

Monet's fascination with painting the same subject repeatedly makes his work fun to analyze. Take a look at the many variations of his Haystack series. Can your child determine what season and time of day it is based on the colors and shadows?

Monet's work is so beloved that you can easily spot reproductions in your daily life. Keep your eyes open and you will find more than just prints in the craft supply store. His paintings are often reproduced on umbrellas, tote bags, and more.

Try making a Monet inspired sponge painting using the instructions at KinderArt. Take your paints outside to get the best natural light for your subject, or try copying one of Monet's famous works.

There are lots of great coloring pages of Monet's work. Take a look at these:
Garden (lots of detail in this one)
We have used lots of different art supplies during the course of the year. Try doing the same coloring page in pastels, paints, and crayons. Compare your results. Which is your favorite? Which looks most like the work of Monet?

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at our art show next month where we will get to put all of these great artist in order while we create our timeline. Don't forget to bring in your favorite artwork to share.