Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Challenge - Collage & Mondrian


Would you like to learn more about Piet Mondrian?

Take a look at this fun timeline. You can move your cursor over the bar at the bottom to speed up or slow down the speed of play. I liked watching it in reverse. It is interesting to see how different his first works are from his later ones, like Broadway Boogie Woogie. While you are online try painting like Mondrian at the Mondrimat.

Want to create another collage? You could even try to make one behind your back using these instructions. Do it as a game, or make it even more challenging by trying to create straight lines like Mondrian.

It is Christmas time!

Do you need a gift for someone special? Try making these super easy tissue paper collage votive candle holders. You could use primary colors like Mondrian, or red and green for the holidays!

Our ornaments are going up on the tree tomorrow afternoon! Take a hike out to the trails at Earl Legacy park and see how they turned out. It will be so fun to surprise everyone.