Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Challenge - Oil Pastels & Van Gogh

Looking for some resources to extend your study of
Vincent Van Gogh?

Here are some fun ideas to spark your creativity:
  • Van Gogh began painting sunflowers to decorate his friend, Gauguin's, room. Try taking a long look at his sunflower paintings (actually all of his paintings are available on this wonderful site) and then try this sunflower craft together, or more advanced students can use their pastel skills on this sunflower project.
  • We have only just scratched the surface of the creative possibilities of pastels. One of their greatest features is their ability to layer and blend. Experiment by creating circles similar to Kandinsky.
  • Listen to the song "Vincent" ("Starry, Starry Night") by Don McLean, which is based on Van Gogh and compare it to the true story of his life.
  • Did you know that oil pastels started out as a high quality crayon? Professional quality oil pastels weren't created until Pablo Picasso advocated for them in 1947. Check out this brief history of oil pastels.

PS: Sorry for the delay everyone! It took a while, but luckily Google was able to restore my "deleted" account. It is amazingly unsettling to loose so much information in one fell swoop - email, calendar, links, journaling. Yikes! Well, all is better now.

See you next month!