Monday, October 11, 2010

Supply List

We ask that families provide their own art supplies so that children will have the opportunity to experiment at home as well as in class. Necessary supplies are intentionally kept fairly minimal. While specific brands are listed, these are suggestions only. You will want decent quality products to allow your child the most success (avoid Roseart and generic brands), but you do not need these brands specifically, and you certainly do not need to purchase expensive products.

For the 2010/2011 session, each family will need:
Prang Original Tempera Paint 3/4 oz. - 6 color set
Reeves Soft Pastels - 12 color set
Pentel Oil Pastel - 16 color set (Make sure to get “non toxic”)
Prang Black Conical Marker, Cone tip - 1 per child
Art Street Construction Paper (assorted colors) - 12”x18”
Prang Ambrite Colored Paper Chalk - 12 color set
Prang Crayons - 8 color set
Dynasty Liner Brush (pointed narrow brush w/ long hair) - 1 per child
Elmers Glue - white
Q-tip cotton swabs
Scissors - 1 per child

You may also want:
Bag large enough to hold all of your supplies
12.5x18.5” cardboard folder to protect artwork - 1 per child
(create your own with an xl cereal box)
An apron, smock, or old shirt to protect nice clothes - 1 per child
Small package of baby wipes

***Please make sure that all supplies are clearly labeled with your family’s name. Address labels work well for this purpose.