Saturday, May 14, 2016

Year-End Celebration

Hands-on clay projects, ice-cream sundaes, a special guest speaker, and more await you this coming Friday at the SKETCH year-end celebration. Come, enjoy, and pre-register for the 2016/2017 session.
I am so excited that we will have Robin Clark from the Andres Institute of Art sharing with us this year. AIA's annual international sculpture symposium is not only fascinating but entirely approachable. I know that hearing about it is going to be a highlight of your evening.
To wrap up we always do a quick review of each of the artists studied, and community service projects worked on over the year. Children who wish to participate in this annual show&tell may bring one piece that they created this year (in or outside of SKETCH) to share with the group. Those who wish to show their artwork but do not wish to speak will not be pressured to do so.

What to bring:

▪ No craft supplies are needed for this month's project. Everything you need for your clay project will provided as our gift to you.
▪ Optional - an ice cream topping to share (Ice-cream will be provided. If you have special dietary needs feel free to bring a substitution.)
▪ Optional - one piece of artwork to display

Guests and new SKETCH students are welcome to attend this class. We always have a wait-list, so pre-registration is an easy way to insure that you don't miss the 2016/2017 session!