Friday, February 26, 2016

Signac Lesson Extension Activities

Paul Signac is a fascinating pointillist artist.  Ready to learn more about him?


  • has an extensive collection of online images created by Paul Signac.  It is a great place to explore!
  • Watch curators discuss Signac's work at ArtBabble



  • I haven't found any great children's books focused on the life of Paul Signac (If you know of one please pop me a message and let me know!
  • This book, Paul Signac, 1863-1935, however is a great alternative.  It is an enormous volume covering Signac's greatest works, and is available at most local libraries.


  • God created our eyes to combine lots of images into a complete whole without our conscious knowledge.  Signac and other pointillists took advantage of this in their scientific approach to color mixing.  Try your own hand at tricking your eyes.