Saturday, January 16, 2016

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell illustrated the stories of American life.  His magazine covers are some of the most recognized American art pieces in the world.  
Norman Rockwell
American Illustrator

Triple self-portrait 1960
Through World Wars, the Great Depression, and the fight for civil rights, Rockwell depicted an ideal America full of potential.
Norman Rockwell
The Puppeteer

This month we will be making cards to cheer those who are ill, grieving, or celebrating milestones.  They will be distributed to church offices.  If you would like a set for your church, please let me know.

To complete this project each child will need:

  • 12x18" construction paper, assorted colors *minimum of 1 sheet in white or light color

You may also bring your choice of supplies to add color and texture to your project.  This may include:
  • Water brush medium point *1 per student(Note: this is not the same as a watercolor brush) click through to see exactly what is recommended for the class 
  • Oil Pastels, 12 piece set, we recommend Pentel *can be shared
  • Acrylic paint,12 piece set, we recommend Reeves *can be shared
  • Paint Palette (can substitute a few paper plates) *1 per student
Looking forward to seeing you!