Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Renoir Lesson Extension Activities

Renoir is best known for helping to establish Impressionism.  This style concentrated on natural unposed outdoor scenes, and dappled light. Instead of focusing on details, they used quick brush strokes to capture bold color rather than precise form. Renoir’s paintings were generally devoted to pleasant scenes of children and landscapes.  


The artwork we created this month will be printed onto gospels by the Pocket Testament League! Please volunteer to help with assembly if you can, and vote for your favorite two images.  The winning artwork will be professionally printed and distributed.


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Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Primary Source Library of Famous Artists by Catherine Nichols
A simple yet detailed biography
Fun story with a mixture of real art pieces and illustrations



  • If you missed class, full instructions are available: Renoir inspired artwork
  • Don't forget to take out your supplies and experiment with them!  Lots of great oil pastel and watercolor resist inspiration is available here


Renoir once wrote, “I believe that I am nearer to God by being humble before this splendor (nature); by accepting the role I have been given to play in life; by honoring this majesty without self-interest, and, above all, without asking for anything, being confident that He who has created everything has forgotten nothing.” -source

What helps you to feel near to God?

Look up the word humility.  Do you think it is an important trait?