Saturday, January 24, 2015

Franz Marc lesson extension activities

It is interesting to think about what Franz Marc might have painted if he had lived through World War 1.  More nature?  More "flaming agony?"  


  • Deep meaning is the key hallmark of expressionism.  Enjoy stretching your own ability to consider beyond the obvious.  Read familiar fables at  What is the author trying to convey?  Next, try to match one of Franz Marc’s paintings (available at to the tale.


  • Marc was taught about Jesus by his mother, but later decided that only animals are worthy of living in paradise.  Do you agree?  Read John 3:16.  Consider the word "believe" in this verse.  What is the one requirement for salvation?  Can animals believe?  Is this promise for all creatures on earth? (Parents - Please be intentional in patiently listening to your child's reasoning for their answers.  This is a large concept to grasp, and they may have pets that they are concerned about.)