Sunday, February 5, 2012

O'Keeffe Extension Activities

Learning to see beauty everywhere is something that many of us could use practice in. Even bones are beautiful if you can see them through the eyes of Georgia O'Keeffe.

Here are a few activities that can help:

The great thing about studying modern masters is that we have wonderful records of their life. Take a look at this short clip of Georgia O'Keeffe describing her life, art, and work in her beloved desert home.

I found two children's books that I really adore. Georgia's Bones examines the artist's fascination with the shapes found in nature, and My Name is Georgia offers a brief biography focused on the artist's uniqueness.

Georgia O'Keeffe drew most of her inspiration from the plants, rocks, bones, and landscapes found in nature. Invite your family outside in our unseasonably warm weather for a nature walk, and don't forget your camera. Even the youngest students can hunt for interesting shapes and press the shutter button (just make sure to use your safety strap). Zoom in close to capture images similar to those that O'Keeffe painted.

In class we discussed the verse in Job which reminds us that God created all of the beauty that artists like Georgia O'Keeffe see in nature. Take a few minutes to discuss this, and then head over to Nature Crafts where you can pick from many different nature craft projects to complete.