Saturday, December 17, 2011

Remington Extension Activities

The ornaments that you made for the Bedford Library are beautiful. Make sure to take a moment to stop by and see them upstairs. If you look closely you may even see your work as you drive by. Directions are available at the library website.

I hope you will have time during your Christmas holiday to play with your art supplies. Here are a few ideas that relate to our study of Remington to get you started.

Remington loved horses. Try another collage project using the instructions at All Kids Network. At first glance this project looks as if it is just for the little ones, but I encourage everyone to give it a try. Making your paper horse look realistic can be a lot of fun when you begin adding details.

Get published:
Remington drew "Cowboys of Arizona Roused by a Scout" on the back of some wrapping paper and mailed it in to a New York magazine when he was young. It was printed on the cover of Harper's Weekly in 1882, and he eventually became one of the most famous illustrators in America.

Submit your own drawings for consideration in Highlights Magazine by following these instructions. Maybe you could become a famous illustrator too!

For older students - Remember how we discussed Remington's romantic desire to depict the West as a flawless landscape? Take a look at this CBS article to learn more. It is very interesting to recognize just how much Remington shaped our perception of the western frontier to this day.

Remington was an author in addition to his work as an illustrator. You can read several of his books for free online.
Study Remington's painting "The Scout" with the guidance of an articulate art commentator.

I hope you all enjoy celebrating the birth of our savior.
See you in January!